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2021 8th Grade Promotion

We are very proud of our 8th graders, both at our San Luis Obispo center and Santa Maria who are moving on next year to their high school journey.


Hello friends, families and students,

It's with a very concerned heart that I'm writing this letter and request to you. If you are not already aware, Family Partnership Charter School, as well as numerous other charter schools throughout our state, are in high danger of shutting down permanently...


Recently new legislation has been proposed which would severely impact the funding and operations of our school. The devastating restrictions in AB 1316 would limit the total enrollment of FPCS to less than 200 students, eliminate the option for FPCS to serve students outside of Santa Barbara county, reduce the per pupil funding to a percentage equal to the amount of time a student spends in the classroom, and remove FPCS’s ability to provide flexible blended learning models to meet the individual needs of students. The bill is currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and the State Assembly could vote on it as early as May 24th.

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