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Charter School Commitment

Charter School Commitment

We know you are limited on your choice of high performing public school options. We are PUBLIC and FREE. We serve all students of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. At FPCS, your child will be given the opportunity to personalized learning with you, the parent, as their primary educator. Education starts with your family and we partner with you and your child to successfully learn with confidence and independence. Each child learns differently and we have made it our job to help you and your child learn their way.

We will provide you with the California standard curriculum.  You and your child will sign a Master Agreement stating that you are committed to learning by doing the assigned work, appearing for your weekly advisement appointment, and/or attending in person classes; and we commit to guiding your child to reach that goal.

Learning Logs will be completed weekly, and samples of your child’s work will be collected. Learning Logs are a crucial part of documenting your daily work during each learning period.

You will be assigned an Advisor that you will meet with weekly, and he/she will be available whenever you need assistance. A pacing guide and assignments will be provided by your Advisor.

As part of our blended program, in person classes are offered per the schedule of the center you are attending. Depending on the center and program agreed upon, your child will be required to attend these classes as scheduled.

All these components put together and, as a partnership, will provide success in our program. However, we will evaluate the appropriateness of our Independent Study program if the student participation and engagement is not consistent and is affecting adequate progress. Together we will create a Student Intervention Plan. If this is not successful, you and a specialized team will discuss other options.


1. Does your student meet the minimum age requirements?

A student must be age 5 years prior to or on September 2nd of the school year in order to be enrolled at the beginning of the school year in FPCharter. If your child turns 5 years after September 2nd you may enroll him/her at that time.

2. Has your student, over the age of 18, been continuously enrolled in CA public schools?

A student must be under 18 years of age unless they have been continuously enrolled in a CA public school prior to enrollment with FPCharter.

3. Is your student enrolled in only one school?

Students may be enrolled in only one school at a time. It is important to continue enrollment in your student's current school until you have made a decision to leave and go to another school.

4. Is Family Partnership Charter School the best program for your student?

We would like to ensure that our programs are the best fit for your family and your student. In order to do this, please review our Student-Parent Handbook for a brief overview of what our school offers.

5. After reviewing the above information, how do I get more information?

Please contact our Administrative Office at 348-3333 Ext.1