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Family Partnership Charter School (FP Charter) Opened In Solvang, during the summer of 2006, a group of education innovators led by Tom Goodman, were persuaded to write a charter petition for a new independent study charter school. Together they worked with experienced charter school administrative assistant, Suzanne Clark, to plan, organize and develop a school dedicated to providing a learning environment in which students and their teachers could develop the kind of one on one relationships that promote deeper learning and motivated students. The school is authorized by the Blochman Union School District and provides services in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. FP Charter serves students and families in grades K-12 who are seeking alternative, personalized educational programs.
FP Charter is a WASC Accredited, direct-funded, Blended/Independent Study Charter School. FP Charter serves students that reside in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties using a personalized approach to learning.
FP Charter programs offer non-classroom based instruction through learning centers that focus on Personalized Learning, Blended Learning, Independent, and Montessori Teachings. Through all programs, a partnership between the school, teacher, parent, and student is built to support student learning.
FP Charter is a public school and has to follow the same State Laws as a traditional public school. However, public charter schools are structured differently than traditional public schools. The primary goal of our charter school is to maximize personalized learning opportunities for students to guarantee our students can master the necessary skills to succeed. FP Charter allows for wide differences in student learning styles, abilities, and interests. Unlike a traditional public school, in partnership with parents FP Charter personalizes the learning environment to meet the individual needs of the student.

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Today, the SMMLC 4th and 5th grade class took a trip to Boston, MA, visiting The Paul Revere House... virtually!

Today, the SMMLC 4th and 5th grade class took a trip to Boston, MA, visiting The Paul Revere House... virtually! The Man Behind the Myth What they experienced: During a short slide presentation, children found out what really happened on Revere’s midnight ride. Students examined letters, advertisements and reproduction artifacts, looking for clues about the man behind the myth. Intriguing details emerged about Revere’s personality, contributions to the Revolution, large family, and many business ventures. An interactive tour of Revere’s house completed the program. Attached is a link to a short slideshow of the virtual field trip! 🙂 Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Cynthia

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Family Partnership Charter School supports student success through a variety of collaborative academic programs that include Montessori, Blended Learning and Independent study. Our K-12 program maximizes flexibility while offering quality instruction designed to multiply the strengths and address the individual needs of each student.
  • $4,234,936 in scholarships
  • 16 AP/11 Honor classes offered
  • 7:1 student - teacher ratio
  • 100 percent college placement
  • 100% Graduation Rate