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FPCS offers elementary, middle, and high school programs that incorporate elements of teacher facilitated instruction and remote learning to provide students with a personalized educational experience. The amount of time that students spend in each learning environment varies by program level and individual student needs. At all grade levels, students are supported by an advisor assigned to monitor their individual progress and additional instructional staff are available to provide academic interventions as needed. Through this blend of teacher guidance, student independence, and ongoing monitoring and support, FPCS students develop skills and gain experiences which empower them to embrace and direct their own learning.

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2021 8th Grade Promotion Featured Photo

2021 8th Grade Promotion

We are very proud of our 8th graders, both at our San Luis Obispo center and Santa Maria who are moving on next year to their high school journey.
***WE NEED YOUR HELP*** Featured Photo


Hello friends, families and students, It's with a very concerned heart that I'm writing this letter and request to you. If you are not already aware, Family Partnership Charter School, as well as numerous other charter schools throughout our state, are in high danger of shutting down permanently...

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Family Partnership Charter School supports student success through a variety of collaborative academic programs that include Montessori, Blended Learning and Independent study. Our K-12 program maximizes flexibility while offering quality instruction designed to multiply the strengths and address the individual needs of each student.
  • $4,234,936 in scholarships
  • 16 AP/11 Honor classes offered
  • 7:1 student - teacher ratio
  • 100 percent college placement
  • 100% Graduation Rate