Morro Bay Montessori (Grades K-5)

Morro Bay

(Montessori/Traditional Personalized Teaching) Blended Learning Resource Center K thru 5th Grade 


The Morro Bay (Montessori) Resource Center offers a unique and exciting academic program. We provide an enriched learning environment in which trained teachers use materials and methods in conjunction with state adopted materials. With an emphasis on personalized instruction, this program welcomes students with various learning styles, abilities and interests. Development of the whole child is supported with the aim of maximizing competencies and achievements while inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

Our Unique Approach
  • Tuition-free Public Charter School with Montessori/Traditional Personalized Teaching
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Experiential Learning
  • A Focus on Science, Technology & Creative Arts
  • Support for Positive Communication & Relationships
  • Experienced Montessori Teachers
  • Support for Parents as Teachers and Partners in their Child's Education
  • Strong Partnership Between Home and School Learning Environments
  • Engaged Families
  • Exciting Learning Environment

Students work in a highly supportive learning environment, with a comprehensive curriculum, 3 1/2 days per week at the learning center. On days when students are not working in their learning center, they continue to learn at home under the direct supervision of parents, using curriculum and resources provided or approved by their teacher.

 Contact Information:

1130 Napa Ave.
Morro Bay, CA 93442

Morro Elementary Campus
Where Beach Street hits Monterey.
School Office Hours:
Mon:  Closed
Tues:  8:15 - 3:30
Wed:  8:15 - 3:30
Thurs:  8:15 - 3:30
Fri:    8:15 - 3:30
Lesson Hours:
Mon:  No School (Home -Study Day)
Tues:  9:00 - 2:15
Wed:  9:00 - 2:15
Thurs:  9:00 - 2:15
Fri:    9:00 - 11:45

(805) 348-3333, ext. 3 
(805) 348-3333 ext. 3050
(805) 348-3333 ext. 3040
(805) 348-3333 ext. 3060

Coordinators Email:
(805) 348-3333 ext. 3002
If there is an emergency and you can not get a hold of the teacher or clerical  at your center. Please call the administration office at
(805)348-3333 ext.1 or call 911

2016-17 MB Montessori Photo Album

2016-17 MB Montessori Photo Album