Hello friends, families and students,
It's with a very concerned heart that I'm writing this letter and request to you. If you are not already aware, Family Partnership Charter School, as well as numerous other charter schools throughout our state, are in high danger of shutting down permanently if a current legislative bill, AB 1316, passes into law. I implore you to take less than 60 seconds right now and send a pre-written letter at the link below so that our legislators realize how much public support there is for charter schools like ours. Forward this link to your email contacts and social media accounts as well. The link for you to quickly send your opposition to AB 1316 is here: www.stopAB1316.com
Among numerous problems with AB1316, here are a couple of the most devastating to our charter schools that would shut us down:
1. It significantly reduces funding to charter schools that don't require students to attend all-day classes for most of the week. This would likely bankrupt FPCS and all other similar charter schools because we honor and accommodate families' life needs and preferences that prevent them from being in a school building most of the week.
2. The bill would force us to limit our overall student enrollment number to that of our sponsoring district (which is Blochman Union School District in Sisquoc, which has an enrollment of approximately only 200 students). Since FPCS has an approximate 400-500 student enrollment, this bill would cut our enrollment and funding in half, which would also bankrupt our school.
If you see the value in charter schools like ours, and would like to see us continue to "live" and serve you and other students and families, please take less than a minute and send your opposition to AB1316 at: www.stopAB1316.com It will automatically send your opposition to your area's California legislator. (Students, this is certainly a relevant way for you to engage in our state's democratic process!)
Feel free to forward this link and/or email letter to your email contacts and social media accounts. Parents, students, and anyone else should go to the link and each send it off so that our legislators get bombarded with our concerns and will hopefully either revise this bill or close it.
If you'd like more information about this bill, you can review details from charter advocacy groups (below)
In education,