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Ways to Support FPCharter

There are many ways that you can support Family Partnership Charter School.

We welcome your additional ideas and support of our students, families, and community.
Go to and search for "Partnership Schools of the Central Coast"
Viking Capital

If you run a business that uses a Point of Sale (POS) system, you can support Family Partnership Charter School with a portion of the fees paid for POS services. Find out more information here:

Viking Capital and Family Partnership Charter School

If you work with another non-profit organization, and would like to partner with Family Partnership Charter School and Viking Capital to raise funds for your organization, please contact us at andrea.[email protected].
Volunteer Opportunities and Procedures


Family Partnership Charter School is working to create a Foundation to manage fundraising in support of the school, students and the community. If you have an interest in the following, we welcome your participation.

Volunteering, Foundation, Grant Writing, Organizing Fundraising Event(s)

Contact: [email protected]

Community Outreach

Family Partnership Charter School is always looking to reach the widest audience possible. If you have expertise and interest in the following, we welcome your participation.

Graphic Design, Creating Promotional Materials, Media Outreach, Community Events

Contact: [email protected]

Learning Center Support

Each Learning Center has specific desires that are specific to their facilities, schedules, and students. If you have an interest in volunteering at your child's primary learning center, we welcome your participation.

Contact: [email protected]

Share FPCharter
The biggest support any student, family, or community member can provide for FPCharter is to share your positive experiences with others. We thank you for sharing information about our programs with others.
Make a Donation
If you would like to make a donation of materials, supplies, or a monetary contribution to FPCharter, please contact [email protected]
Passive Fundraising
Passive Fundraising takes little effort, however can make a positive impact on our school programs.

Box Tops for Education
You can earn cash for FPCharter by clipping Box Top Coupons from participating products. Please cut your Box Tops precisely on the dotted lines and bring to your Primary Learning Center.