Business Services/Risk Management

Andrea Drake, CBO
Director of Business Services
805-348-3333 ext 1030

FP Charter employees to enroll or get information regarding 403b/457 please contact:

Peter Kejmar 
Financial Professional
CA Insurance Lic. #0B88014
Plan Member Services
Office:(626) 289-9906
Fax: (626) 628-3700




Reimbursement requests  MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR to the purchase.  These special purchases need to be reviewed and signed off by the site coordinator and authorized by the Business Manager and Executive Director. Purchasing anything without this approval cannot be reimbursed and would mean you either own the item or you have made a donation to FP Charter!! The use and tracking of public funds is serious business, which we are annually audited on, and following the procedure ensures our compliance with the District, County, and State.  Thank you for your help in this matter! Please see the above reimbursement form.



***Employee Accident/Injury*** 

Notice to Employees
Workers Compensation
Employer Name: Family Partnership Home Study Charter School
The above-named employer, an employer within the meaning of the Worker's Compensation Law of the State of California hereby gives notice to employees that the em[ployer has secured the payment of compensation to its employees in accordance with the provisions of said law, by insuring with:       
                                                        Insurance Company: 
                                                                          Policy effective Dates: 7-1-20 to 7-1-21
                                                                          Policy Numer: WC48228

 If you are hurt at work, it is imperative that you report your work-related injury or illness, regardless of the nature or severity, to the Director of Business Services/Risk Management immediately. All incidents/accidents in relation to employees require the Workers' Compensation Claim Form DWC1 form to be filled out by the injured employee. (Workers’ Compensation Claim Form DWC 1)

All non-work related injuries/illnesses that have an impact on an employee’s ability to do the essential functions of the job must be reported to the Director of Business Services/Risk Management 


***Student Accident/Incident Report*** 

Coordinators, Teachers, IA's and Clerical:

When a student gets injured please fill out below Student Accident- Incident Report.  Student Accident- Incident Report must be completed by the FP Charter employee in charge of the injured student immediately or by the end of that school day. Filled out form must be printed before submitting and emailed to the Director of Risk Management. This information is confidential and privileged and should not be provided to a parent or other person.

If an accident or incident occurs involving a non-student or non-employee such as visitor or parent, the same form must be completed. 

***Certificate of Insurance***
A Certificate of Insurance for an event taking place at a non-school location.  To request a certificate of insurance please email Director of Business Services/Risk Management  Risk Management with a copy of the contract or MOU.